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Helping Students Find the Right Path






Who We Are

The company was founded in the wake of the Covid pandemic, by its founder Kieran Molloy.

A qualified teacher, working for the last 10 years in alternative provision, he has developed a clear understanding of the issues and challenges of students struggling in mainstream education. He has designed, delivered and supported on a vast range of bespoke educational plans; from Year 10 & 11 students struggling in the mainstream environment, many with SEN, through to NEET and looking to get back into education or training.

Having worked alongside Work N Learn for the last 6 years, he approached the business owner about setting up a partnership and bringing together both fields of expertise. This was the birth of Breathe Consultancy.

Both companies work alongside each other, sharing best practice and guaranteeing positive outcomes.

We have worked with a variety of local authorities and agencies, mentoring young people, exploring alternative provisions, work based placements and designing bespoke programmes that will best prepare them for their future.

When young people have difficulties at school, there will be underlying causes for this. We take the time to assess the situation and reassure all parties. Our experience, know how and ethos mean that we are best placed to find a positive outcome for the school, parent and child. For more information about bespoke educational plans in the Greater Manchester region, contact us and find out how we can help.



In Partnership With

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help young people and parents of young people get back on track. Understanding previous mistakes, making positive changes and unlocking their potential.




Our Values

Understanding underlying causes

There’s no point in a student moving schools if they will continue the same behaviours. We will work closely with the student and parents to discover the reason for difficulties then find the right solution for the situation.

We reassure all parties

Young people and parents especially, can feel lost and powerless when there are problems at school. We reassure, advise and guide all parties and will do everything we can to get the student on the right path.

A tailored approach

Some students require assistance & support for a few weeks, whilst others need help year round. Our service is tailored to suit the needs of all parties and will work hard to find innovative solutions that break the cycle.




Our Location

Based in Greater Manchester, Breathe Consultancy provides bespoke educational programs services in the following locations:

  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Stockport
  • Trafford
  • Tameside

Get in touch with us at Breathe Consultancy for more help.


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